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Product Placement
In addition to having your logo carved in ice - items placed on, surrounded by, or completely frozen into ice is a great way to draw people to your product and have them say "Cool!" The examples below are just a few inovative concepts for getting people to interact with what you sell. We work closely with clients to build a creative display that maximizes product visibility and draws people in.

    The Macallan at Aspen Food & Wine

Working with the Macallan marketing team and brand representative from Scotland, we explored many designs before landing at the wave wall and bottle display. Communication throughout the design process is often just as important, as carving the ice... In other words, you know your brand and what you want to convey - we know ice and what it is possible to do with the medium. Through conversation and conceptual renderings, good things happen.

    Olympus Ice Walls

The Olympus ice walls are an example of a visual lure that maximizes draw to your booth or tent. We prominently placed the logo and the product (water-proof & freeze-proof cameras) in 8 foot tall ice walls flanking the entrance to the tent. The cameras were frozen completely within the blocks of ice. The walls were then carved into a "break-away" shape with clean, staggered lines along the edges. This was a particularly poignant use of product placement per the nature of the cameras: we were able to explain to many curious on-lookers during the installation process that the cameras were completely submerged in water and frozen to sub-0 temperatutures, and they still work! This installation was initially produced for the 2008 Winter X-Games in Aspen, response was good as Olympus contacted us to create a similar design for the 2010 Vail Film Festival. Photos presented are from both events.