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Innovative Ideas
Ice is a versatile tool - there's really no limit to what you can do. Think different!

    Ice Terrain Park Feature - Beaver Creek, CO

This is a proto-type for a larger ski & snowboard terrain park feature. This concept is perfect for photo shoots, on mountain exhibitions, or product demos. For the ultimate visual experience, athletes slide the ice rail at night with back lighting illuminating the ice "spray" from the contact of the snowboard edge, and the rail feature with logo would be lit from below with LED's. There's no limit to the size or design of an ice feature like this... one conceptual drawing we created featured a full dragon sculpture, with a double-humped back that people could slide across the back of.

    K Furtado Wines at Restaurant Kelly Liken

Wine bottle sculpture created for a K Furtado wine event at Restaurant Kelly Liken in Vail.

    Fire & Ice

Fire and ice:
Together at last!