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Ice Bars
A great way to create huge "wow" factor via an interactive & usable structure, ice bars bring thirsty people in contact with your branding. Ice bars are an obvious fit for liquor brands at events and festivals, but they can also be used for just about anything - from general counter space to food display. A logo emblazoned on the front is standard practice, but as long as we adhere to the basics of structural integrity and a functional bar top, there are no limits to ice bar design. Ice bars can be indoor or outdoor - any time of year.

    Hennessey Ice Bar at Taste of Vail

Moet Hennessey contacted us looking for something special for the Mountain Top Picinc at the Taste of Vail culinary event for 2011. In addition to the central Hennessey logo, we froze the ingredients of the signature drink that they were pouring at the event into the ice. The supporting columns for the bar have apples, oranges, cranberries, and ginger suspended in the ice. The 10 foot ice bar, comprising approximately 2200 lbs. of ice, was transported to the top of Vail mountain and assembled on site. The day of the picnic was a classic Colorado bluebird day, the bar was a huge hit, and the beverages were extremely tasty.

    Swan Bar at The Four Seasons

Created for a wedding reception at the Four Seasons in Vail, this ice bar illustrates incorporating sculptural elements into a bar in addition to a logo / momogram.

    10 Cane Rum Ice Bar

This 10 Cane Rum ice bar is an example of a smaller ice bar that still has big impact. Created for the Lamb Cook-off event in Vail Village the bar created a great draw... of course, tasty rum drinks to accompany an array of gourmet Colorado lamb dishes didn't hurt either!